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“Airport University gave me the confidence to apply for a new job within my company.”


Kathryn Scott has worked at the Sea-Tac Airport since 2008 as a Customer Service Agent for a major airline. After seeing an Airport University flyer, Kathryn signed up for a Keyboarding and Microsoft Outlook class. A few weeks into the quarter, Kathryn was inspired to continue taking classes to earn a Business Technology (BTECH) certificate and eventually complete her AA degree. She has built her computer and Microsoft Office skills, completing a total of six Airport University classes. Kathryn’s success at Airport University emboldened her to apply for a Flight Attendant position within the airline. And she was hired!


Kathryn is currently attending flight attendant training in Atlanta, Georgia and will be based in New York. She says, “The commitment I made at Airport University may seem so small, but it wasn’t. It gave me the confidence to apply for a new job within my company. The homework and the tasks that I needed to complete at Airport University [including creating and presenting a PowerPoint presentation on customer service] helped prepare me for the interview process. With over 50,000 applicants, I was truly shocked when I was selected to attend Flight Attendant training! Many people have told me they are proud of me and inspired by me. Port Jobs Airport University staff and the Highline College instructor have made such a difference in my life!”

Port Jobs strengthens our communities by introducing pathways to meaningful employment and career advancement opportunities at SEA Airport.   We are here to help you with job search, online job application assistance, resumes, airport ID badge test preparation, education/career advancement and more!
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