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Airport University Programs Support SEA Workers

Brooklyn Buenaventura“I always believe that you grow through what you go through,” says Brooklyn Buenaventura, Singapore Airlines Duty Manager at SEA, pictured left. After leaving her airport job to work at a nearby hotel, Brooklyn missed the airport environment. She wanted to work for Singapore Airlines, which began flights from Sea-Tac Airport last fall. Port Jobs provided a recommendation and helped her prepare for an interview.

“Fast forward to today, I am a Duty Manager for Singapore Airlines,” she says. Brooklyn hasn’t stopped there. She has taken Airport University career pathway classes in hospitality, customer service and leadership, earning nearly 1/3 of the college credits she needs for her degree by taking classes at the airport. She is now finishing her Hospitality and Tourism Management degree at Highline College. Brooklyn has also been awarded three $800 scholarships from Port Jobs’ Alaska Airlines-Airport University scholarship program to help her on her way. “I am now geared towards career and self-progression. Thank you for helping me through this process in achieving my academic and professional growth!”

Port Jobs strengthens our communities by introducing pathways to meaningful employment and career advancement opportunities at SEA Airport.   We are here to help you with job search, online job application assistance, resumes, airport ID badge test preparation, education/career advancement and more!
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