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About Us

Our Mission

Port Jobs strengthens our communities by introducing pathways to meaningful employment and career advancement opportunities at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).  We serve exceptionally talented and diverse community members with job placement, career navigation, education and career advancement services, and help airport employers find great workers.

History of Port Jobs

In 1990, the Port of Seattle, together with educators, business leaders, human service providers, organized labor, and local government officials, formed the Working in King County Task Force to address concerns about the skill level of the applicant pool in the Port-related economy and limited living-wage job opportunities for community residents.

In response to the study’s recommendations, the Port of Seattle spearheaded the creation of the “Office of Portworks” in 1993, to provide a forum for employers, unions, training providers, community-based organizations and local governments to work together on workforce development in the Port-related economy.

In 2000, Port Jobs created the Airport Jobs center at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Airport Jobs connects thousands of jobseekers each year with dozens of employers throughout the airport. After 9/11/2001, Port Jobs won the Governor’s Best Practices in Workforce Development Award for the Airport Screeners project, which set a record for helping more incumbent screeners get hired by the newly-created TSA than any other airport in the U.S.

As a workforce intermediary, we bring together business, labor, education, and public stakeholders to expand opportunities and build a thriving, competitive Port economy. We are hard at work every day developing strategies to employ more skilled workers in port-related businesses and creating opportunities for those who had typically been underrepresented in such jobs.

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