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Port Jobs has partnered with Serve Ethiopians Washington (SEW) to focus on our Aviation Maintenance Technology program


Recruitment for Port Jobs’ Fall 2023 Introduction to Airport Maintenance Technology (AMT) pathway is underway! This AMT career exploration program, which is offered at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), is made possible through a partnership between the Port of Seattle, Port Jobs, and South Seattle College. In preparation for this in-person class, which has a capacity of 20 students, Port Jobs is working with Serve Ethiopians Washington (SEW). Port Jobs and SEW are engaging in a formal partnership focused on AMT program recruitment and success, with outreach to SEA taxi and rideshare drivers in addition to other SEA airport workers. The class is offered at no cost to workers and will help those enrolled determine whether Aviation Maintenance Technology is a career they wish to pursue.

Armaye Ershete, Executive Director of SEW said, “We look forward to this partnership with Port Jobs. SEW and Port Jobs will work in tandem to reach out to SEA taxi and rideshare drivers to promote the AMT class throughout the pre-enrollment period, and help potential students understand the AMT pathway, and the prerequisites for enrolling, as well as the benefits of this supported pathway to high demand living wage jobs.”

Armaye said, “Workforce development is a priority of the community we serve. SEW, through our New Start Workforce Development Program, aims to create a pathway for immigrant and BIPOC refugee drivers to obtain careers in the aviation industry. We will work hard to find people who meet the initial math and English Language proficiency necessary to succeed in the 12-week class and also have an interest in exploring AMT as a potential career pathway. We know some members from our community already have a background in the area, and others are interested.” SEW Program Manager, Tariku Messele added, “SEW will provide resume writing, computer assistance, application assistance and information and other supports to individuals who are in the class, as we know that all the needs which people have are interdependent.”

Armaye and Tariku explained that they will use culturally and linguistically relevant approaches, as they do in SEW’s existing basic needs, environmental protection, and senior services, to make sure that the AMT services are clearly explained and highly utilized.

Port Jobs will also continue outreaching to thousands of current airport workers in airline and cargo positions, as well as dining and retail airport employees for the AMT class. The Airport Jobs office, which has multilingual capability, and access to translation support, will provide job leads, career advising, and hiring event invitations to community members.

Heather Worthley, Executive Director of Port Jobs said, “We hope to connect with more SEA community members through this partnership and promote Aviation Maintenance Technology as a career pathway to a wider audience. We have already benefitted from this new relationship with Serve Ethiopians Washington, whose staff brings vital lived experience and language access skills, along with passion to this work.”